A Little Pocket Of Rainforest: Tarra Bulga National Park

Green for absolute days with lush gullies & giant mountain ash trees!


How’s this for an absolute hidden gem!? Meet Tarra Bulga National Park, one of only a handful (well four to be exact) of cool temperate rainforests in Victoria. Basically, it’s f*cking epic and only 190km east of Melbourne.

The region is dominated by deep river valleys with mountain ash and myrtle beech trees. It’s a hell of a lot of greenery and beauty in the one place and a reminder at just how jaw dropping the Gippsland region, Victoria and Straya can be.

So aside from making it the perfect little weekend getaway to Gippsland, what is there to do here you ask?

Well you’re going to be working your legs a lot. Go for a stroll through the forest, head south down to Tarra Falls, or take the Fern Gully Nature Walk, which includes insane views along the famous suspension bridge. This will likely be the destination of your Insta shoot.

And you’re going to need to fuel up and let’s just say we’ve seen worse places for a picnic. So why not set up shop under the giant mountain ash trees just off the Grand Ridge Road, or the Tarra Valley picnic area off Tarra Valley Road.

It’s also home to furry friends like wombats, swamp wallabies, gliders and platypuses. And if you’re into bird watching you’ll be licking your lips with over 100 species calling Tarra Bulga home.

Just a heads up as there’s no camping within the National Park. But Tarra Valley offers a nice selection of accommodation options including a guest house and tearooms, country house-style accommodation, a Swiss-style chalet with sweeping views and a caravan park with cabins available.

Chuck this in your calendar for a cheeky weekend away. It won’t disappoint!

Photo Credit: Luminaire Pictures Stills & Parks Victoria


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  • The famous suspension bridge. Your gram will love it!
  • Giant Mountain Ash Trees serving up some incredible scenery.
  • The perfect lil' Gippsland weekend away. Fancy staying in a Swiss style chat overnight?
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