Bash, Slash n’ Thrash Yourself Silly At The Smash Room!

This place just killed off the stress ball industry forever…


Welcome to The Smash Room. Melbourne’s only venue that allows a group of buddies to let loose and smash the sh*t out of everything in site in a room at once. Except their mates of course…

We recently ventured out to The Smash Room in Keilor East and let’s just say we took out our frustration on the world’s don’ters.

The smashing world is your oyster here. It’s a dangerous day to be a TV, Playstation, Computer or a Dinner Plate if they see you rock up at the Smash Room. Even better, you can rock up with your own ‘legal’ items to smash, but just make sure you get in touch with them first for approval.

We rocked up and met the owner Rick (good for a gag or two) who ran us through the sign in process, induction and safety briefing in no time. Then it’s time to get kitted out in some Michael Myers-esque overalls before you head in to battle.

You’ll then pick some weapons of choice like a baseball bat and crowbar and head into your designated room where you can even connect your phone to blast some belter tunes whilst you absolutely unleash.


And this is where the real fun begins. Word of warning though…warm up a little. It’s tempting and all to try and smash the first thing you see for six but just loosen up the giant muscles we know you have before you really start to knock them out of the park.

The 80’s retro vibe is the perfect scene for a solo sesh to let off some steam, a date night with a difference, or for a bunch of mates to get together and go ape sh*t.

Oh and you’ll also get to have a hit on their UV Neon table tennis tables if you’re up for it post belting sesh. But we can guarantee you you’ll be a lil’ tired and sweaty.

Happy smashing fam…just make sure you book asap cos there’s a lot of angry peeps out there!

Photo Credit: The Smash Room

From $ 50 / person


  • Go to town smashing things with a larger group...the only place that allows it!
  • Bring your own sh*t to destroy!
  • UV Neon Table Tennis as a cherry on top!
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When & Where


60, Keilor Park Drive, Keilor East, Victoria, 3033, Australia


thursday 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

friday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

saturday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

sunday 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

other days are closed

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