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Bash, Slash n’ Thrash Yourself Silly At The Smash Room!

Adrenaline, Different, Entertainment

This place just killed off the stress ball industry forever...   Welcome to The Smash Room. Melbourne's only venue that allows a group of buddies to let loose and smash the sh*t out of everything in site in a room at once. Except their mates of course... We recently ventured out to The Smash Room [...]

Make Sure You Have Some Spare Jocks For DARKFIELD’S Insane Shipping Containers!

Adrenaline, Different, Entertainment, Mind & Body

Creepy AF.     Get ready to absolutely sh*t yourself. Cos Darkfield, well it's finally back and they're bringing their freaky af multi sensory shipping containers along for the ride. What's in the container you ask? Think complete darkness packed with audio thrills and chills to send you into the darkest depths of your mind. It's all [...]

Calling all Tarzans. Meet us at the Zipline in the treetops!

Adrenaline, Adventure

Leave the Forest under your feet...   We hope you're not scared of heights. Actually we kind of hope you are because we love it when you challenge yourself here at Doer. And a ripper way to tackle that fear is to head down to Otway Fly Treetop Adventures! Just 2.5hrs drive from Melbourne, you'll [...]

This One Is The Absolute Bomb. But Can You Beat It?

Adrenaline, Different, Entertainment

The clock is ticking with this epic paint charged escape room!   Calling all Mission Impossible wannabes. If you have tickets on yourself when it comes to deactivating a bomb or contorting yourself over laser beams and are constantly muttering, "I could do that" in any action-spy flick, then prove it. Welcome to Beating the [...]

Melbourne’s First Zipline Experience Will Send You Across The Yarra This Summer!

Adrenaline, Different

It's about frickin' time someone did this. Amen!   Finally, someone has had the brains to put together an adrenaline pumping Zipline in the heart of Melbourne. Yep, this December you can soar across the Yarra this thanks to the legends at Firefly Zipline! Opening on December 1, and for a limited time only, you [...]

Go-Karting on Ice sounds pretty cool doesn’t it!?

Adrenaline, Different, Wine & Dine

Slide into Melbourne's summer with karting on ice for a limited time only!   Go-Karting...most of us have done it. But unless you were born and bred in Scandinavia you likely haven't been karting on ice! This January, Melbourne is offering up Go-Karting on Ice because it's just cooler ey (pun intended). There's a reason [...]

Think you’ve got what it takes to conquer the Spartan Race?

Adrenaline, Adventure, Mind & Body

Spartans eat burpees (and mud) for breakfast.   For those that find running just a little too boring, we have the challenge for you - it's the Spartan Race and it's coming back to Melbourne on the 4th-5th of December 2021 and Bright from Feb 11-13 2022 (thank f*ck it's finally here as lockdown had [...]

Darkfield Radio will take you to the darkest of places right in your own home!

Adrenaline, Different, Entertainment, Mind & Body

Make sure you have a spare pair of jocks handy.     Darkfield, the absolute kings of making you sh*t yourself, with previous shows like Seance, Coma and Flight is back with Darkfield Radio. Their shipping container shows had you sitting in darkness with audio thrills and chills to send you into the darkest depths of your [...]

Be The Hollywood Stunt Driver You’ve Always Dreamt About

Adrenaline, Different

Buckle up first though.   Stunt Driving with you behind the wheel - that's right, you. Throw that helmet on, kit up and get ready to pretend the cameras are rolling. Don't worry, yes you'll be behind the wheel but not without the skilled and experienced instructors from Stunt driving school. Many of them have [...]

Paper, Scissors, Rock Climbing!

Adrenaline, Adventure

Get that chalk handy and hold on tight!   A doer crew favourite alert! So, we love the outdoors and this rock climbing experience puts the out in outdoors, ok maybe not but its hashtag #nature #outback #freshair etc; you get the point. You can’t beat real rock climbing. You might have been at one [...]

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