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Steam n’ Cuisine With Puffing Billy!

Adventure, Different, Wine & Dine

Full S̶t̶e̶a̶m̶ Send Ahead!    Most of you Melburnians would remember one of the great childhood memories of free leggin' it out the side of Puffing Billy. Well the dangling stopped a few years back but we've got good news. It's back baby so let those legs loose and come suss out the latest on [...]

Less Yacking & More Kayaking!

Adventure, Mind & Body, Teach Me

Sit down and take a seat on the water for a new look at Melbs!    Kayaking isn't something you'd quickly associate with city life. But throw that thought out the window cos with Kayak Melbourne you can now lap up Melbs' CBD from a different angle. Kayak Melbourne specialises in (captain obvious incoming)...guided kayak tours! You'll [...]

Calling all Tarzans. Meet us at the Zipline in the treetops!

Adrenaline, Adventure

Leave the Forest under your feet...   We hope you're not scared of heights. Actually we kind of hope you are because we love it when you challenge yourself here at Doer. And a ripper way to tackle that fear is to head down to Otway Fly Treetop Adventures! Just 2.5hrs drive from Melbourne, you'll [...]

What you Dune this weekend? Sandy strolls just shy of Melbourne!


The Big Drift brings a slice of Dubai to Wilsons Prom!   Wilsons Promontory National Park. An exemplary example of "God's Country". Yet many Melburnians who head south east each year down to the Prom might not be familiar with the Big Drift Walk. Only 2 hours from Melbourne, you can Escape the crowds who [...]

Summit Mt Buller With Sunsets, Stars & Soul !

Adventure, Different, Entertainment, Wine & Dine

Mt Buller is a stock that keeps on climbing...   What's the first thing you think of when we say Mt Buller. Snow right? Fair play, it's a mega place in the winter but you need to cut that sh*t out and open your mind. Buller has what it takes and delivers all year round. [...]

A Little Pocket Of Rainforest: Tarra Bulga National Park


Green for absolute days with lush gullies & giant mountain ash trees!   How's this for an absolute hidden gem!? Meet Tarra Bulga National Park, one of only a handful (well four to be exact) of cool temperate rainforests in Victoria. Basically, it's f*cking epic and only 190km east of Melbourne. The region is dominated by [...]

Why You Should Be Hitting Mt Buller Instead Of The Beach Across New Years!

Adventure, Different, Entertainment, Wine & Dine

High (God's) Country is worth a visit even without the snow...   So we have to confess. The above tagline is a bit of a lie. Because you know what, you can legit get a bit of snow up at Mt Buller this New Years amongst the scorching sun and a whole lot more. Mt [...]

Lit Times At Victoria’s Largest Chrissy Lights Festival!

Adventure, Entertainment, Wine & Dine

Imagine Geelong's Adventure Park electricity bill after this...   When we say this is Victoria's largest Christmas lights festival...we aren't f*cking around. Adventure Park in Geelong have gone all out this year with a casual 2.7 million (yep, million) lights for an insane, magical Christmas. The fairy tale experience has upped the ante by 700k [...]

Erskine Falls. An Epic Must DO Detour Down The Great Ocean Road!

Adventure, Mind & Body

We repeat, always go chasin' waterfalls!   How bloody good is it down the coast and the Great Ocean Road. Beautiful peeps wherever you look, mega beaches and a region packed with mega rainfalls. And one of the best has to be Erskine Falls, just a stones throw away from Lorne. A 15 min drive [...]

What’s SUP Beaches? Jump Onboard & Master This Balancing Act!

Adventure, Mind & Body, Teach Me

Get to grips with the world's fastest growing watersport. Sup!   It's safe to say that SUP is booming. That's Stand Up Paddle Boarding for you folks playing at home. So what's all the hype about? Basically it's a piece of piss to learn, relaxing AF, adventurous, yet safe and fun at the same time. [...]

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