Champion the Grampians at Hollow Mountain

Hollow Mountain is a must do hike in the Grampians! 


Karen from Brighton wisely told us that we’ve all walked pretty much the same streets over and over throughout the last year or so due to Covid. So your first stop once they release us from the shackles should be the picturesque Hollow Mountain (Wudjub-guyan) in the Grampians.

We know it sounds like the perfect name for a horror film but unless you’re ridiculously unfit, you won’t find yourself in a tricky situation.

The Hollow Mountain Walk is a Grade 4 hiking trail so almost anyone will find this a memorable waltz in ‘God’s Country’.


Located around 3 hours from Melbs, The Grampians region is arguably the best hiking and rock climbing destination in all of Victoria.

It’s a 2.2km round trip waltz and should take you about 2 hours or so with a few slippery track surfaces and some rock hopping to keep you on your toes.

Just follow the sign posted track and you’ll eventually find your way up the summit (topping out at 400m) with some mega views overlooking Mount Stapylton and the Wimmera plains.

But what goes up, must come down. So take it in, let off some Lion King chants and then make your way back down and be grateful you aren’t walking the same streets in Brighton.

Photo Credit: Visit Grampians

From $ Free / person


  • The view at the top of course!
  • Check out the Gulgurn Manja Shelter Aboriginal rock art on your way up!
  • There are wild flowering plants for days on this walk! Pick some up for the misso!
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