The Best Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On! Crazy Good White Water Rafting

Currently one of the best experiences out there.


If you like adrenaline and nature you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Rafting Australia are your white water rafting experts with over 40 years experience and put on one hell of a ride. They’ve not only got thousands of hours of rapid riding behind them but they’ll show you their playground (Rapid city), which rivals some of the best around.

Victorian whitewater rivers rival the best New Zealand, Cairns and Canada offer and to top it off the pristine surroundings stand side by side to Tasmania’s best. How good does that sound!

There are a number of different rapids to tackle and adventures to book through Rafting Australia, including day-trips, nights away or father-son experiences. It’s best to check the details of each one, but you’ll be tackling rivers like the Mitta and the Murray.

While white water rafting can get pretty crazy (in a good way), you’re in the hands of the best and they’re proud of their safety record. 40 years and no ambulances, no helicopters, no evacuations, just 2 cuts to hands which required a few stitches! That’s bloody awesome if you ask me.

The beauty of this experience is that although you can tackle the White knuckle rated rapids that’ll have your hair raising and throw you about. There is also a more mellow approach that sees you drifting along more relaxed rivers closer to Melbourne like the Yarra, Goulburn or King.

Depending on the type of rapids you want to tackle, you’ll need to check when are the best months.

All we can say good luck not wanting to do this again, and again.

Photo Credit: Rafting Australia

From $ 250 / person


  • Rivals New Zealand, Canada and Cairns Rapids
  • Stunning Wilderness
  • Rapids for all levels
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When & Where


993, Benambra Road, Hinnomunjie, Victoria, 3898, Australia


saturday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

sunday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

other days are closed

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