Darkfield Radio will take you to the darkest of places right in your own home!

Make sure you have a spare pair of jocks handy.  


Darkfield, the absolute kings of making you sh*t yourself, with previous shows like Seance, Coma and Flight is back with Darkfield Radio.

Their shipping container shows had you sitting in darkness with audio thrills and chills to send you into the darkest depths of your mind. And they’ve gone a step further now with Darkfield Radio to haunt you right at your own kitchen table.

This takes Netflix & Chill to a whole new level as you can experience the sinister experience with the misso or bf.

Each show immerses audiences in Darkfield’s signature 360 degree sound in their own headphones, introducing unfamiliar characters into the familiar spaces we inhabit.

Maybe not a first date though...

Double explores the Capgras delusion, a terrifying condition in which the sufferer is convinced that a loved one has been replaced by an exact replica with malign intentions.

Across 20 minutes whilst sitting across from one another, you’ll start questioning if your loved one is truly who they say they are.

Visitors is a 20 minute, immersive audio encounter for two people to experience together in their living room in their home as a dead couple look for a temporary solution to their permanent condition.

If you want to sh*t yourself solo so as not to embarrass yourself, Eternal is your answer. Whilst laying in your bed, it explores the quandary of eternal life and wonders what price you would settle for to achieve this.

All you need is the Darkfield Radio app and broadcasting for Season One runs until June 20 with Season Two kicking off from June 25 if you’re still game.

Dates for the container sessions in Melbourne will be launched shortly. In the meantime test the waters and book some tickets to Darkfield Radio here.

Apologies in advance for the skid marks!

Photo Credit: Darkfield

From $ 10 / person


  • An amazing haunting experience unlike any film right in your own living room!
  • Scare yourself shitless with a loved one if you don't want to go solo
  • All you need is some headphones, a phone and a glass of water.
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Victoria, Australia


thursday 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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sunday 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

other days are closed

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