Dinner By Candlelight Except There’s No Light At All! This Is Dining In The Dark!

The perfect test for your palate… 


Thank f*ck for this as it’s about time! Why you ask? Well if you’re reading this whilst at a cafe and your friend is awkwardly just staring into the abyss, that’s why. Most people (even I am guilty) are so obsessed with their phones at a restaurant these days and enough is enough. The only option left was to bring out the blindfolds…

The best part is that Dining in the Dark takes it back to what dining should really be about…sensory overload. Feel, touch, smell and really taste it. Oh, and there’s also the art of conversation. Plus a cheeky bonus is there’s no awkward, “um something’s in your teeth” convos with a fresh new date.

Dining in the Dark was a hit last time and it returns with a new menu and entertainment plan across various hump days aka Wednesdays at Juliet Melbourne on Little Bourke.

So let’s set the scene. You’ll enter a warmly lit room, before your friendly waiters will whip out the blindfolds to plunge you into total darkness so you can enjoy this unique culinary experience.


There will be 3 available main dish options and don’t stress as dietary requirements are catered for so you won’t be digging into a T-bone if you’re a vegetarian. However, the menu is a secret. There will also be plenty of beverages on offer in case you need some liquid courage if you’re afraid of the dark!

Each dining experience lasts 90 minutes, the perfect amount of time to find your way through the delicious two course meal whilst in complete darkness. Stay tuned as the pitch black event will run on select dates only and pre-booking is essential!

Photo Credit: Dining in the Dark & Hidden

From $ 110 / person


  • Your hot date won't notice that huge piece of broccoli stuck in your tooth...!
  • This will bring the senses alive and you'll be surprised how much more you connect with the food and company around you!
  • Dietary requirements are taken care of so even though you can't see, don't worry they've got your back!
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When & Where


37 - 41, Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia


wednesday 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

other days are closed

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