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DIY Japanese Okonomiyaki Right Here In Melbourne

Dohtonbori is letting you take the reigns with DIY teppanyaki…


Japanese food is the bomb and most of us (except the weird cats out there) love the experience that is Teppanyaki!

So we bloody love that Dohtonbori, perched atop of Westfield Doncaster’s new rooftop dining precinct, is giving you the chance to do something different and make your own Okonomiyaki!

If you don’t know what Okonomiyaki is, well gee whiz mate (insert huge facepalm)! Okonomiyaki is the Japanese version of a savoury pancake, usually made with cabbage and packed full of meat or seafood.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with 15 types of Okonomiyaki on offer. We love the Hiroshima Okonomiyaki, which is done a bit differently (do different – see what we did there) whereby the ingredients are layered and noodles and a fried egg are used as a topping because why not!

Hot tip alert as well…make sure you opt to add some cheese into your Okonomiyaki because more Cheese has never really been a bad choice. It’s only $2 extra and the returns are worth it in spades!

Finally, we warn you that because you’re playing a part in this dish and that the Okonomiyaki is made right at your table, you’ll be absolutely frothing. But patience is key, to produce the best Okonomiyaki!

Photo Credit: Dohtonbori


From $ 18.90 / person


  • Different Okonomiyaki to try for days...
  • Try the Monjayaki. It's thinner, but the pan-fried batter makes it a popular choice!
  • If you're looking for a biggy to fill you up, they have set menus for 3-4 people!
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