Erskine Falls. An Epic Must DO Detour Down The Great Ocean Road!

We repeat, always go chasin’ waterfalls!


How bloody good is it down the coast and the Great Ocean Road. Beautiful peeps wherever you look, mega beaches and a region packed with mega rainfalls. And one of the best has to be Erskine Falls, just a stones throw away from Lorne.

A 15 min drive from Lorne will have you straight into the thick of the action as you can reach the first lookout in no time for some insane views.

Speaking of action, let’s hit the numbers straight off the bat. Just 5 mins from the carpark you’ll get sprawling views from the top lookout of Erskine’s 30m drop into the mesmerising fern gully below. If your knees are in good shape then take the 230 steps down to the base for an even more bad ass view. She’s impressive we tell ya!

Now if you’re like us, and you love a beer(s) or vino(s), then chances are you won’t mind some extra exercise where possible to shred those kegs.

So if you’re feeling up to it you can then tackle the Erskine Falls River walk back to Lorne. It’s 7.5km one way trip with some rock hopping and rivers crossings thrown in…just a heads up! It’s perfect for a half day trip as it’ll set you back around 3hrs whilst passing through Straw Falls and Splitter Falls.

Basically falls for days! We want you to keep chasing’ and we’ll keep telling you where to hunt them!

Photo Credit: Parks Victoria & Lorne, Victoria


From $ Free / person


  • Just a quick pit stop from Lorne and you can get a glimpse just 5 mins from the car park!
  • Head down the 230 steps to the bottom for an insane view of Erskine in all its glory!
  • Combo your Erskine viewing up with a 7.5km trek back to Lorne!
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