Fancy a whiskey tasting with Matthew McConaughey?

Virtually of course…sorry ladies!


Happy hour just got happier because one of the best voices going around will be walking you through your next whiskey tasting. Enter Matthew McConaughey, virtually, and sadly not for an in person tasting.

The Academy Award and Golden Globe winning actor is an ambassador and the Creative Director for American bourbon brand Wild Turkey. The previously crowned ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ will be making an appearance via Wild Turkey’s free online tasting. It’s pre recorded, but still cool af. And you get to ask the critical questions here because the tour is also guided by legendary distilling family, the Russells alongside McConaughey.

To access the tour and ask those questions you’ll need an Android phone with the Google Assistant app, a Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Put your best McConaughey impression on and say the lucky words, “Hey Google, talk to Wild Turkey Tasting” or “Alexa, enable Wild Turkey Tasting” to kick things off.


The tour takes you on a journey through their collection of Wild Turkey whiskies, the distilling process, the palate, glassware, and more from the masters themselves. From there you can even ask age old questions like “can I add water to my whiskey?”

This one is for both the whiskey newbie and right up to your connoisseur master. And for the most interactive experience, make sure you stock up on Wild Turkey 101, Longbranch, Rare Breed and Kentucky Spirit which will be worthwhile in lockdown anyway. If you’re out, never fear because there is also a general whiskey tasting option.

Alright, Alright, Alright, enough from us. Enjoy being besties with Matthew.

Photo Credit: Wild Turkey

From $ Free / person


  • A voice a man can dream of. Matthew McConaughey
  • The interactive tour let's you ask the heavy questions
  • Whiskey always tastes better when you're on a tasting sesh.
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