Get Silly With Lots Of Chilli At The Herb & Chilli Fest!

Netflix n’ < Chilli…


Get fired up. Cos the Herb & Chilli Festival is back for Australia’s hottest weekend from March 19-20 in Wandin. And it’s packing an absolutely cracking line up of things to do with over 80+ stalls serving up mouth watering (n’ firing) delights, beer, wine and healthy drinks, handicrafts and more.

There’s obviously a sh*t load of chilli and herbs floating about but this is much more than you just strolling around saying “oh that’s nice”. Dip your toes (and tongues) into the following:

Competition Stage battle zone: Bragging rights are on offer with the Australian Chilli Cook Off (teams competition) and who can make the yummiest chilli dish. Then there’s the Stinger Wing Challenge (it’s an eat off) and Shot n Holler, knocking back shots of tequila and chilli sauce (as ya do)! And if you fancy your endurance, then enter Captain Chilli with the winner gulping down the hottest food items in the quickest time.

The competition stage will also have demo’s from our favourite Lucha Fantasica Mexican Wrestling legends.


Hot Sauce Alley: Festival Favourites.  Have a wander and test your tolerance.  Check out the difference between the Ferraris, Mazeratis and Rolls Royces of Hot Sauces.

Entertainment Stage: Get your toes tapping and cut some shapes alongside Peruvian Folkloric dancers and Inka marka with their amazing Andean music. The heady mix of traditional Cajun, modern zydeco, blues and funk equals good times.

Cooking Stage: As its name suggests, this is where the magic happens. Learn the tricks of the trade from some of the best chefs about how to add that punch to your next meal.

Now the fest runs live from 10am-5pm both days and you’ll score a few goodies along with your tix including a free plant and free online Herb/Chilli Growing e-book. Laughing.

Happy tasting.

Photo Credit: Herb & Chilli Festival

From $ 22 / person


  • Captain Chilli and Shot n Holler Comps. Plenty of fire, tequila and a stopwatch to find the winner.
  • Our favourite Mexican Wrestling Legends showcasing how it's done!
  • An insane amount of stalls, live entertainment and masterclasses on how best to bring chilli to life in your home kitchen!
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When & Where


125, Quayle Road, Wandin North, Victoria, 3139, Australia


saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

sunday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

other days are closed

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