Go-Karting on Ice sounds pretty cool doesn’t it!?

Slide into Melbourne’s summer with karting on ice for a limited time only!


Go-Karting…most of us have done it. But unless you were born and bred in Scandinavia you likely haven’t been karting on ice!

This January, Melbourne is offering up Go-Karting on Ice because it’s just cooler ey (pun intended).

There’s a reason Finland produce some pretty rapid F1 drivers such as Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas along with a host of Rally stars despite their relatively small population. It’s because they can hone their skills on the ice and now you’ll get a chance to see just how good (or likely bad) you are when it comes to kart control.

The event will be held at a ‘secret’ location this summer although it’s not hard to guess where it will likely be given it’s touted as being on an ice rink and Melbourne isn’t exactly overflowing with them.

Early bird tickets are available now for just $65 so why not grab a few friends and escape the summer heat!

F1 superstar Max Verstappen...or you?

A team of experts will be on hand to help you and your Tokyo Drift ambitions.

And because your forearms will get a proper workout (yes, racing is physical and not just going in circles), it’s only fair that you hydrate afterwards if you catch our drift.

So there will be a winter themed bar dishing up your favourite cocktails and a stack of off rink activities such as curling, hockey puck shooting and ice luges.

Go-Karting on Ice runs from January 7-9 so make sure you slide in quick on this one and book soon as tickets won’t last long!

Photo Credit: Red Bull Formula One Team

From $ 65 / person


  • Karting done differently!
  • Plenty of other activities on site like curling, hockey puck shooting and a winter bar if you suck behind the wheel...
  • Heaps of prizes to be won even if you don't cross the finish line first!
Book now!

When & Where


Victoria, Australia


friday 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

saturday 9:00 am - 11:00 pm

sunday 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

other days are closed

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