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Italian Pasta Making Experience with MasterChef Contestant Pia Gava!

Do you have what it takes to win Masterchef?


You can find out Sunday the 23rd of May through Drool Experiences! I know I definitely don’t. I’m actually ok at cooking but in MasterChef terms I’m simply heinous. But some of you might have a sniff. What better way to test your skills against a former competitor, or simply learn how to cook properly than with MasterChef 2017 contestant Pia Gava.

In no time you’ll be learning to ditch the packet Latina ‘Fresh’ Ravioli (a highlight of early twenties) and appreciate the joy of Italian cooking and the ease of making Ravioli and Ricotta Cheese from scratch!


In this fun and hands-on class, MasterChef Season 9 Contestant Pia shares one of her favourite and signature dishes that features in her cookbook, a striking Beetroot Ravioli filled with luscious handmade ricotta and herbs filling, and paired with a burnt butter (aka one of the best things ever) and sage sauce!

You’ll then devour your dish after plating it and no doubt taking a photo from every angle with Portrait mode in full swing.

This class is for a min. of 12 and max of 30. Just be aware you may need to stock up on Vanish Napisan OxiAction if you opt for a white Tee.

Photo Credit: Drool Experiences

From $ 69 / person


  • Carbs!
  • A new signature dish for you to impress mates with!
  • A benchmark to test just how good you are in the kitchen!
Let's cook!

When & Where


347, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065, Australia


sunday 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

other days are closed

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