Learn a language…cos we are guessing you forgot everything from school!

It’s about time we learn how to speak a language other than English and Strayan!


Aussies stand out like dogs balls when we are overseas. Our accent and confidence draws people in. You’re probably already remembering how saying a simple G’day landed you the girl or guy of your dreams. We’re incredibly lucky having everyone suck up to us and speak English even when we are on their turf. But let’s get real, you know you wish you were fluent in multiple languages.

So why not get stuck in now? Lockdown sucks, and we are twiddling our thumbs. You’re even probably planning your future trip now once we finally open those borders. So why not use the time to learn a language and develop your skills?

CAE (Council of Adult Education) run courses in almost every language imaginable. From French to German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi…you name it, there’s something for you.

They are also offering courses online given old mate Covid, and they’ll even provide a free language assessment to ensure you’re placed in the right level given your skills. You can start from scratch at the beginner level, but maybe you remember some things from school when you weren’t skipping class and are already at an intermediate level and ready to get back into it? Either way, the courses are designed for you to move up the ranks or you can even keep going on the journey solo after your course if you so choose.

Learning another language opens up a whole new world. From traveling, to culture, making new friendships and even increasing your career prospects.

And you know you’ll sound cool AF when you whip out those skills when you’re next overseas at the bar.

Good luck!

Photo Credit: Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

From $ 349 / person


  • Be a boss on your next overseas trip!
  • Open up a world of new doors from friends, lovers to career opportunities!
  • Once you have the base you can keep learning solo at your own pace.
Start learning now!

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