Melbourne’s First Zipline Experience Will Send You Across The Yarra This Summer!

It’s about frickin’ time someone did this. Amen!


Finally, someone has had the brains to put together an adrenaline pumping Zipline in the heart of Melbourne. Yep, this December you can soar across the Yarra this thanks to the legends at Firefly Zipline!

Opening on December 1, and for a limited time only, you can absolutely send it across the Yarra, reaching 40kph over the 130m journey which launches you from Fed Square over to Alexandra Gardens. We’re not sure if it’s just a coincidence the 40kph lines up exactly with Melbourne’s inner city speed limits but either way it will feel fast enough as you suss out the sights below!

This bad boy even lets you ride with friends as it’s a dual line so it could be a great way to kick off a night of bar hopping in the city. Just saying…

Things to note…yes you’ll have to sign a waiver and go through the usual safety briefing. So allow around 45 mins for the entire experience. It’s also a one way journey so you’ll be leaving your phone and valuables at the departure point before making the trek back via Princes Bridge to check your Mum’s text messages asking if you’re alive.

Don’t worry, this is only 9 metres up and so even if you’re scared of heights, this is a good baby step introduction to Ziplines.

But be quick folks! Tix will go on sale from Nov 1 and there’s only 5,000 all up to snare a ride from Dec 1 – 28.

Photo Credit: Firefly Zipline Melbourne


From $ 49 / person


  • Melbourne's only Zipline. You can now experience it without driving regional if you're lazy AF.
  • Take in some pretty awesome views like never before. You might even catch Salvatore the seal below.
  • It's a dual line so perfect for a group of friends!
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Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia


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friday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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