No joke, we really think you should give laughter clubs a go!

This will be a laugh and a half!


We all know the feeling. Tears streaming down your face as you and a bunch of your mates are absolutely losing it whilst the rest of the bar looks on. Red faced and in stitches, you’ve all finally got it out of your system before a long winded sigh. That laughter felt good didn’t it.

Which is why we think you should head down to your local laughter club through Laughter Clubs Victoria. I’m not joking when I say there’s one in almost every suburb across Melbourne so you’ll be well placed for a coupla gags!

And then we told them...

Laughter Yoga is the current health trend sweeping the world with a new wave of enthusiasm, camaraderie, fun, joy, hope, peace and happiness. No one can deny that it feels good.

Attending a regular laughter club session is an opportunity to meet with like minded people and those that actually have a sense of humour. Laughter yoga sessions are beneficial on a physical, mental and emotional level and the best part of all is it’s FREE.

So why don’t you and your friends suss out your local club here and you can find out just how funny you really are. We guarantee the laughs…it’s just whether it’s with you or at you!

From $ Free / person


  • Pissing yourself (hopefully not literally)
  • Meeting others who love a laugh!
  • You're guaranteed to get a laugh.
Make me laugh!

When & Where


Victoria, Australia


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other days are closed

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