Pretty fly for a fish guy!

Learn to fly fish in God’s country!


Fly fishing is frickin’ awesome. And the guys at Wilderness Fly Fishing reckon it’s the most enjoyable activity that can be done outdoors. They run guided fly fishing classes & tours on the rivers and lakes close to Melbourne.

Fresh air, clear water, laughter and a lack of stress may be beneficial to your health but Wilderness Fly Fishing also warns they will take no responsibility for any breakdowns in relationships as a result of your new found obsession.

As an intro for anyone who hasn’t fly fished before, let alone even fish, they offer a “Learn to Fly Fish” day for you and mates in Noojee, a picturesque Gippsland town on the banks of Latrobe River.


Their aim is to teach you everything you need to know about fly fishing in a relaxed group environment. It starts off in the morning with some basic theory and casting tuition before moving to the rivers in the afternoon to learn about entomology and stream craft. 

All fly fishing gear, flies (both the fishing kind and annoying kind), transport, lunch, snacks and refreshments are provided. 

And because this will literally whet your whistle, Scott and the Wilderness Fly Fishing team can even take you on a hosted trip to the likes of Christmas Island or New Zealand (thank you travel bubble).

Get in contact with them here to discuss your next adventure.

Photo Credit: Wilderness Fly Fishing

From $ 195 / person


  • Getting a catch!
  • The views and scenery
  • Perfect to combine with a group getaway!
Let's fish!

When & Where


Noojee, Victoria, 3833, Australia


monday 9:00 am -

tuesday 9:00 am -

wednesday 9:00 am -

thursday 9:00 am -

friday 9:00 am -

saturday 9:00 am -

sunday 9:00 am -

other days are closed

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