Shake, Rattle & Roll: The Legendary Blues Train!

The commute to work will be boring AF after you experience this… 


We are all ‘aboard’ this one! You can experience a mini music festival on a heritage train down on the pristine Bellarine Peninsula thanks to The Blues Train!

What better way to enjoy four live music acts than whilst trundling along the Bellarine Railway. Because being stationery for a music fest was so pre Covid (this is how time will now be measured). You’ll also be treated to plenty of drinks and a hearty blues meal whilst partying the night away.

The ride starts and finishes from Queenscliff and at each of the so called ‘stop and swaps’ you’ll be changing carriages to listen to a new artist.


Your journey starts at 6:30pm and it’s straight to the T-Bar at the back of the train to stock up on drinks. The bar is only open at each stop when the train isn’t moving so make sure you think ahead. But don’t worry, any unopened drinks you don’t knock off can be refunded. If only other venues operated like this!

Before you leave the station you’ll be fuelled up with a buffet dinner. Think Smokey BBQ beef along with creamy baked mustard chicken and steamy hot baked potatoes. Make sure you suss out the hot sauce tower as well!

It’s then go time and at 8pm you’re chugging along on the first of four legs. Carriage D even has a dance floor so you’ll be able to test your balance after those drinks.

You’ll wind up back at Queenscliff around 11:30pm after a fun filled night that takes you alongside Swan Bay, Suma Park and Drysdale. We think it’s worth staying in Queenscliff and making a weekend of it before you have a taste of Sunday ‘blues’ ahead of your boring train ride to work on Monday.

The Blues Train runs from October to the end of May and tickets are already going for the October dates so make sure you book ahead now.

Toot toot!

Photo Credit: The Blues Train

From $ 150 / person


  • The hot sauce!
  • The builds anticipation before you move to the next carriage
  • Carriage D...which stands for dance floor!
All aboard!

When & Where


20, Symonds Street, Queenscliff, Victoria, 3225, Australia


saturday 6:30 pm - 11:30 pm

other days are closed

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