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A beginner’s guide to entering the world of Vinyl…


Technology has a lot of pros, it’s made music insanely accessible but there are also a lot of cons. Let’s face the music, being so accessible has taken away a lot of the charm and excitement. In the same way that pasta cooked fresh in front of you in Italy is better than an Uber Eats delivery, Vinyl is just better than Spotify. No contest.

So why not look into starting your own record collection? If you’re a newbie, don’t fret. Baby steps peeps. Let’s run through the basics.


Your Turntable:

Shock horror. The music isn’t going to play out of your smart device. You’re going to need a turntable. There’s a gazillion record players out there, and obviously you don’t have to go top shelf. But don’t skimp on quality as this will just damage your records and sound sh*t. If you’re planning to chuck on an album once in a while, obviously you don’t have to go super hi-tech. It all depends on your budget and your needs.

Stick to specialist stores like Vinyl Revival in Fitzroy. They are the experts and will help map out your first turntable!


Your Collection:

First and foremost. Buy what you like and what you’ll actually listen to. Don’t buy what you think is cool. It’s as simple as this.

You’ll quickly notice records aren’t cheap and so if you buy sh*t you don’t like, you may as well just give the money to us instead. For first-hand albums, you’ll be looking at about $50 an album. Most record stores have second-hand bins where you might be able to score a bargain but again, don’t buy it unless it’s your kind of vibe.

Speaking of record stores, there’s a stack of them across Melbourne. Suss out a vinyl  lover’s guide to the best stores in Melbourne here from Beat. Speak to the guys there, tell them your taste and they’ll give you some insight. Just like when you tell a bartender what gets your juices flowing and they work their magic.


Your maintenance requirements (yes, this is important)!

So you’ve bought a turntable, kickstarted your collection with a few albums, pumped the tunes with some drink(s) and you’re done and dusted right? Wrong. Key word dust…your records are prone to it along with scratches and warpage.

Obviously the maintenance side of things could go on and on. But to cut a long story short, make sure you handle your records properly. Hold them only around the edges, and never stack them on top of each other as this is where warping comes in. Vertical (like a book shelf) is your friend. And make sure they are out of reach from sunlight and heat otherwise they could warp.

Opt for record and outer sleeves, look into cleaning tools when buying your turntable, and treat your babies (aka vinyls) with respect and care and you should see them last and give you the best sound experience to boot.

Happy collecting folks, trust us when we say this will be ten times more exciting & satisfying than pressing play on Spotify!

Photo Credit: Vinyl Revival

From $ 300+ / person


  • It sounds better. Nuff said.
  • A hobby that can last decades. You can never stop adding to your collection.
  • Peeps will want to come to yours so you won't be short of company. Music is better this way!
Start collecting now!

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