Stop And Smell, Or Rather Taste The Rosés!

For nine god damn days straight!


Welcome to the greatest Revolution there could be…Rosé Evolution! That’s right, a new government is being formed with public drinking taps that will flow with Rosé. Well not quite, but a man can dream. We are getting close though with the Yarra Valley’s nine day Rosé Evolution fest though!

We need to thank some of the best winemakers across the Yarra Valley for this ripper idea. Because from November 20-28, there’s a host of things for you to get your taste buds stick into across the region.

Think spring soirées and garden parties, oyster bars and high teas. From the pale, fresh and dry, to the funky, skinsy and natty, Rosé Evolution has a style of wine for everyone.


Here’s the Doer take on some of the best events on offer across the fest:

Rosé Oyster Bar at Giant Steps: Yep, this one is pretty self explanatory. You’ll score a glass of Giant Steps Rosé or Causes and Cures cocktail with a Quartet oyster platter (4 oysters). Sold.

Sky High Rosé: Rosé tastes better at altitude. Actually we think most drinks do. So why not pair up a Rosé tasting session with an epic hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Yarra Valley scenery below?

A Hidden Yarra Valley High Tea Experience: All this sippin’ on Rosé will most likely conjure up quite the appetite. So you and up to 7 friends can get your delectable delights! Of course beautiful pink drinks including unlimited De Bortoli and Steels Gate Rosés, pink lemonade mocktails and iced tea will be on hand.

Rugs & Rosé Spring Garden Picnic: With summer just around the corner, up your picnic game and grab your crew for a delicious picnic box, live music and a bottle of 2021 Sutherland Estate Rosé.

There’s a stack more events for you to work your way through and so make sure to suss them out and book now as things will sell out in no time!

No stop whatever the f*ck you’re doing, and go and smell the Rosés. Taste em too…

Photo Credit: Rosé Evolution

From $ Free / person


  • Rosé amongst the clouds with a tasting session aboard a hot air balloon!
  • High Tea in your own secret igloo with plenty of Rosé to boot!
  • Picnics and garden parties so you can chill at your own pace with a glass in hand!
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