Summit Mt Buller With Sunsets, Stars & Soul !

Mt Buller is a stock that keeps on climbing…


What’s the first thing you think of when we say Mt Buller. Snow right? Fair play, it’s a mega place in the winter but you need to cut that sh*t out and open your mind.

Buller has what it takes and delivers all year round. Let us prove it. Enter their Sunsets, Stars & Soul events that will be showcased various months of the year with the next one just around the corner from Feb 5-6.

Over two days, Mt Buller brings a bit of something for everyone perched high up on the alps. Fancy a chill sesh or a bit of boogie? No problemo. How about some amazing scenery and some stargazing to boot? Done. Or a simple recharge for the body & soul. They’ve got you sorted and it plays out like this:

SUNSETS n’ CHILL: Kickstart your getaway on a golden note from 5pm-9pm. BYO your own picnic rug, food and bevs, along with some cheeky dance moves and watch Mother Nature do her thing whilst DJ Peter Piro (who has  played sets at Burning Man, Strawberry Fields and a stack of events internationally) provides you with a matching soundscape to the epic scenery.

Plus, Buller’s friends at the Little Ice Creamery will be there swirling up some sweet treats, and the Birdcage will be there with a pop-up bar and gourmet BBQ to accompany that 10/10 sunset.


STARS: On your way home from Sunsets, you’ll notice something a lil’ different. The stars are simply shining brighter than back in the big smoke. So why not take your stargazing to another level with guidance from galactically-savvy volunteers from the Astronomical Society of Victoria.

Plus, at 9:30 pm, the ASV Experts will take you through a Guided Tour of the Night Sky so you can soak it all up amongst an incredible landscape.

SOUL: Last but not least, join the dawn crew for a 1hr mat Pilates session at 8.00am the next morning. It’s an energizing way to start the day and show your body some kindness in case you went hard on the drinks the night before. The Alpine Central viewing deck provides a breathtaking space for the sesh, all under the skillful direction of the Mt Buller High Performance Centre team.

PS if the weather is cactus don’t worry, there’s an indoor venue lined up as Plan B.

Finally, the best part? It’s an absolute bargain. Sunsets n’ Chill is free to attend with the Stars & Soul events both costing $10 a pop. Sort your own accom and you’re absolutely laughing.

Mt Buller are constantly throwing events our way and we’ll keep you posted with the next round of things to do up the mountain before the snow hits!

Photo Credit: Mt Buller

From $ Free / person


  • Chill beats with insane sunset views!
  • Stargazing away from the big smoke. You'll be blown away looking up at the night sky here.
  • Finish your weekend off recharging the soul with a Pilates sesh on the Alpine Central viewing deck!
Go now!

When & Where


Mount Buller, Victoria, 3723, Australia


saturday 5:00 pm - 10:30 pm

sunday 8:00 am - 9:00 am

other days are closed

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