The Best Beer Week in the World? Good Thanks

Good Beer Week 2021 is back and we are froffing. 


Good Beer Week is the “best beer week in the world”, according to many of the world’s leading craft brewers. And we don’t think they are talking sh*t. This is legit.

Good Beer Week has grown from a spark of an idea to a global festival made up of more than 300 diverse and innovative events across Melbourne and Victoria that attracts seventy five thousand attendees. Yours truly will be one of them.

It’s on now until May 23 and is Australia’s leading beer event! This year will be insane as the event celebrates its tenth anniversary.

So what exactly does Good Beer Week brew up? The likes of beer and yum cha matching at Melbourne’s iconic Flower Drum, a ‘Draught’ aka Daft Punk tribute party, wrestling in a brewery with the Moon Dog Brewery Brawl and a special beer event at Hop Nation that is for dogs (and you too) because who doesn’t love a pot with their pup.

Life Drawing and a Froff? Head down to the Cherry Tree Hotel!

Speaking of dogs. You can also grab a ‘Hair of the Dog’ Breakfast at Beer Deluxe. And there’s some events that have been with Good Beer Week for a decade that mustn’t be forgotten!

Beer vs Pig at Atticus Finch puts together 12 beers and 12 cured meats. Brewers and Chewers is an event akin to speed dating as you get the chance to speak to individual brewers as they rotate through tables whilst you drink their beers and dine on an exceptional menu developed by The Local Taphouse kitchen.

So as it’s basically guaranteed you’ll be downing some Robert Downy Schooners at a pup at some point over the next week, you’d be nuts not to check out Good Beer Week’s list of events on tap!

Some events are sold out or selling fast but you’re bound to find something at your local or around the corner so HOPS on down!

Photo Credit: Good Beer Week

From $ 8.30 / person


  • Beer everywhere you look!
  • An event for everyone whether you're a foodie, beer nerd or craving a boogie.
  • Brewery Wrestling!
I'm thirsty!

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