Think you have what it takes to catch a killer?

This one is an absolute Ripper…


The Cluedo board game is coming to life thanks to the folks at CluedUpp where you’ll get to tackle the streets of Melbourne to solve a murder mystery by none other than the Ripper. Don’t worry, old mate is long gone and so this is fictional of course…

Whilst most of us love a good sesh of Cluedo surrounded by some vino, it doesn’t quite stack up to actually getting out and about with mates and chasing down virtual witnesses across the city.

So the background? A┬ácopycat Jack The Ripper has gone nuts with three victims already and it’s up to you and your trusty team to solve the case. No pressure.

Taking place on December 11th this year, spots are limited to just 100 teams with tickets nearly sold out so chop chop!


There are a stack of prizes on offer as well including best dressed team, fastest team, best team photo and the best team name too. But the best one? A furry friend prize as you can take your dog along with you!

Other than a good eye for detail, all you’ll need is a smart phone and their app to play.

Tickets are $65 and let’s you have anywhere from 2-6 players. Other than that, the rest is a bit of a mystery which suits the theme as you’ll only find out where you’ll be going and kicking off from once you’ve signed up!

Good luck peeps!

Photo Credit: CluedUpp

From $ 65 / person


  • You can even bring your dog with you!
  • The game can be paused at any time...e.g. if you feel like stopping for a few beers mid game!
  • A stack of prizes on offer so let your team creativity run wild!
Book Now!

When & Where


Victoria, Australia


saturday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

other days are closed

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