This One Will Be Easier If Your Name Is Forrest. Run A Marathon!

Start training yesterday, or today at the very latest!


Australia’s largest marathon event, the Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival is always around the corner because you can never start training too early. And we want you to do it. But unless you’re gifted with some epic genes, start working your ticker now because you need to be ready come October 2nd and the clock is well and truly ticking.

The event will be returning to its regular October slot after things have finally settled down with old mate Covid.

The course takes you through some of Melbourne’s best hot spots and you even get to finish up inside the MCG where you can run or crawl across the finish line.

Running a marathon is one of the most challenging but rewarding things you can ever do. And you should be itching to stretch the legs and get outside after being locked up for the best part of two years…

Training wise, you’re going to have to put in. If you’re already a regular runner but haven’t hit a marathon yet, it will be a bit easier for you. But try not be like our founder James who ran a half marathon the day after a winery tour bender just because he had a bit of base fitness to fall back on…

You can suss out some training programs in the Melbourne Marathon Training Hub here. Just download the Nike Run Club app and you’re set.

Finally, whilst we hope you shoot for the full 42km distance, there are shorter legs with the half marathon, or 5-10k runs. If you can’t go all out, why not try the half this year and set yourself up for the full marathon in 2023.

Anyway, enough from us. Get those legs moving now and good luck!

Photo Credit: Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival


From $ 150 / person


  • You're going to get in shape along the journey!
  • Finish inside the MCG!
  • If you can do this there's not many physical challenges you won't be able to commit to!
Enter now!

When & Where


Brunton Avenue, Richmond, Victoria, 3002, Australia


sunday 7:00 am - 2:00 pm

other days are closed

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