You know you want a V8 mate!

Strap in & drive an actual V8 Supercar. 


As a racing driver myself I obviously can’t tell you how much you will enjoy the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a V8 Supercar here at Sandown’s 3.1km Raceway. I will probably also be waiting for your apology at the finish line if you are one of those that say racing drivers ‘just drive in circles’…

Fastrack V8Race Experience can help you live out a dream by jumping in the drivers seat of a genuine V8 Supercar. The cars are equipped with 450bhp, therefore the most powerful V8’s in the country to drive for your regular Joe Blow.

The next available dates are from May 29-30 so make sure you hop in quick!

The V8 drive day kicks off with a briefing (of course) conducted by experienced race drivers. During pre-drive tuition, your driver will explain techniques on cornering, from apexes to corner exit, efficient braking and acceleration, steering, gear changes and general car control. Safety and track awareness will also be discussed. There’s plenty of time to ask questions so you’ll feel completely comfortable before putting V8 race car theory into practice.

Your face when the plague of butterflies hit...

Then it’s time to let loose your inner revhead during a session of real life V8 driving action.

There’s so many different options available so if you think you can only handle a coupla’ laps before your lunch says g’day you can opt for a simple 4 laps behind the wheel.

You’ll also have the chance to ride shotgun after your experience with a professional who will take all the confidence you had and chuck it out the window when they show you just how slowly (but still quick) you were going compared to a pro.

Options are a plenty with in car footage and framed photos so you can remember sh*tting yourself.

So next time you think about a go-karting day out with mates, why not go big or go home and insist on a V8.

*Chap laps not included.

Photo Credit: Fastrack V8Race Experience

From $ 220 / person


  • Autos are available if you're a newbie to manual driving!
  • Legally breaking the speed limit big time!
  • Driving an actual V8 Supercar on an official Championship Circuit!
Start my engine!

When & Where


Springvale, Victoria, 3171, Australia


friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

saturday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

sunday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

other days are closed

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