Our Story

How We Started.

Boredom. That’s what kicked off our thirst for new things to do.

On one dull weekend our founder James decided there was more to life than doing the same old thing. He set about challenging himself to do 52 new things, one each week for an entire year…and hence #DO52 was born.

When doing the #DO52 Challenge, James realised there was a array of options if you searched far and wide but no platform to provide your weekly fix with the latest and most unique things to do.

We’re on a mission to take the do out of Boredom

What we do.

We find the best, so you can just have fun.

Doer is an online platform for everyone to find something that will get them out of bed in the morning. We do the heavy lifting (fun stuff) and put it all in the one place so anyone can discover amazing experiences, book directly and track your #DO52 progress.

Doer pushes you to live life before it’s too late. We believe bucket lists are bullsh*t when you can start doing it right here, right now (thanks Fatboy Slim).

Doer is not just a company but a way of life. So quit stalling, be a doer and bring your mates along on the ride to do different!

We do, so others can too.

Why we do it.

To Inspire

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda. Three words that make us cringe. We want to spread the doer vibes like wildfire so you and your friends can look back at your lives and know it was hit for six!

To Have Fun

Life is too short to take seriously and you’ll never get out alive. ps.There’s only one of them too (that’s why we started Doer). So, have fun and let’s create some amazing memories together.

To Give Back

The best part of everything we do. We get to help people by giving back to the community. Sometimes it’s the small things that are the most rewarding and part of #DO52 should involve helping those in need.

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