Calling all Tarzans. Meet us at the Zipline in the treetops!

Leave the Forest under your feet…


We hope you’re not scared of heights. Actually we kind of hope you are because we love it when you challenge yourself here at Doer. And a ripper way to tackle that fear is to head down to Otway Fly Treetop Adventures!

Just 2.5hrs drive from Melbourne, you’ll find a jungle like playground in the rainforest where you can walk in the treetops, climb to the canopy and Zipline your booty some 30 metres above the forest floor. Think of yourself as Tarzan, minus his killer rig.

Yeah not bad...

The Zipline Tour is an extreme experience you’ll never forget. We’ve all dreamt about flying at some point and as you whiz past the trees you’ll get a birds eye view of some stunning scenery. One thing to note, you must be under 117 kegs for pretty obvious reasons. If you’ve let yourself go during lockdown, you know what to do.

If the thought of the Zipline makes you sh*t yourself, you can opt for the Treetop Walk tour. This is actually the world’s tallest treetop walk (jeez we are good here in Oz) and you’ll get some mega views of the Otway Ranges as you waltz 25m up in the air along the 600m long elevated walkway.

But trust us when we say go for the Zipline tour, because you’ll have the Treetop walk thrown in anyway.

Now zip it, stop what you’re doing and book here.

Photo Credit: Otway Fly Treetop Adventures

From $ 22.50 / person


  • The 2.5hr Zipline experience will make you realise birds are pretty lucky!
  • Unparalleled views from the 45 metre tall Spiral tower.
  • Perfect to combine this with a gazillion other experiences down the Great Ocean Road!
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Weeaproinah, Victoria, 3237, Australia


monday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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other days are closed

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