Need more space? Try Stargazing, it’s out of this world.

Comet me bro!


You’re weird. That’s of course if you don’t like looking at the stars, which everyone loves right? It’s not often for those that live in Melbourne we get the chance to really admire the beauty of the stars and galaxy due to the city light pollution.

Enter the Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours; your ticket to the galaxy. Located about 2.5 hours from Melbourne The Honeysuckles is a beautiful spot right on the coast of far west Gippsland says no to city light pollution and hello to Elon musk and his team at Space X.

This is truly an experience that everyone will love. Discover a spectacular universe through a large aperture observatory grade telescope from a pristine dark sky site. The best part of this stargazing experience is that the groups are small (1-4 people) at $350 so bring your friends to get bang for buck. What does this mean? You’ll each get plenty of observing time at the eyepiece as you explore galaxies, gaseous nebulae, planets, star forming regions and much more.


What most people don’t realise is that our southern skies are the envy of many astronomers around the world – go us!

To kick things off and make sure you get most out of the tour, you commence with an overview of the night sky and where we are in it (get ready to have your #mindblown). This helps you imagine the sky in both a 2D and 3D way when you start gazing. While your view and what you can see changes throughout the year, don’t worry there is plenty to see and be amazed by.

Tours last approximately two hours. But you can book an astro tour and stay over night at the accomodation in site – we recommend this.

Bruce is a fantastic guide to the Galaxy and if you’re not having the deepest of deep and meaningful conversations about life forms out there after your stargazing experience – we call bullsh*t!

Photo Credit: Honeysuckles astronomy tours

From $ 350 / person


  • Incredibly Mind Blowing
  • Makes you feel amazingly small (if thats a highlight...)
  • You'll never be closer to the stars
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