Start Your Own Backyard Veggie Patch & Watch Em’ Grow!

Good Thymes are Comin’ in the Garden!


Let’s plant an idea of something you can do. Make your mumma proud and start growing your own Veggie garden where you can eat all the greens you want.

It really isn’t rocket science, unless you’re also growing some rocket. But it also isn’t a walk in the park, so The Little Veggie Patch Co are here to provide a helping hand to kickstart your journey.

Growing your own herbs and veggies is an awesome step towards sustainable living but also saving some of your hard earned (sorry Coles and Woolies).

So why not reach for the Little Veggie Patch Co’s DIY Crate’s as a base. If you’re a bit short on space, opt for their half crate to get you started which measures 1.16m by 0.58m (0.73m in height) and will slot in nicely still on most balconies and into courtyards and narrow passage ways.

But if you’re rocking a decent backyard, definitely head for the full crate which is double the width and you can even line a few up together. Hot tip, if you’re ordering more than one crate, make sure you put ‘MULTICRATE’ in the discount field at checkout for a nice little %10 off.


You can customise your crate with self-watering wicking options and choose to get your hands dirty planting it yourself or have it ready to go by the team.

If you’re looking to DIY, suss out the Little Veggie Patch Co blog for plenty of tips and tricks. They have stacks of articles to point you in the right direction.

Just make sure your bad boy is as level as possible and try to give your edible plants as much sunlight as possible. But don’t fret too much if you think it’s not the ideal location as plenty of gardens still thrive.

From there, it’s so customisable and the Little Veggie Patch Co sell everything you could ever need on your food growing adventure!

After that your skills will grow as much as your herbs & veggies. And you best be inviting people over in the future just so you can arrogantly and loudly announce you’re going into the garden to grab a little something to garnish the dish salt bae style…

Photo Credit: Little Veggie Patch Co

From $ 225 / person


  • You'll never have to do an emergency Coles run for basil ever again...
  • Watch your gardening skills grow as much as your veggies!
  • Plenty of tips & tricks to guide you along the journey from the Little Veggie Patch Co!
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