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Bash, Slash n’ Thrash Yourself Silly At The Smash Room!

Adrenaline, Different, Entertainment

This place just killed off the stress ball industry forever...   Welcome to The Smash Room. Melbourne's only venue that allows a group of buddies to let loose and smash the sh*t out of everything in site in a room at once. Except their mates of course... We recently ventured out to The Smash Room [...]

The Closest You’re Probably Getting To A Real Igloo This Winter…

Different, Entertainment, Wine & Dine

Don't be anti Snowcial this winter...   Winter is just about back baby and whilst many hate it, many doers embrace that teeth clattering cos there's still plenty of fun to be had. But usually that fun needs to be had when hunting a bit of warmth. Well welcome to your own lil' igloo. Perched [...]

Make Sure You Have Some Spare Jocks For DARKFIELD’S Insane Shipping Containers!

Adrenaline, Different, Entertainment, Mind & Body

Creepy AF.     Get ready to absolutely sh*t yourself. Cos Darkfield, well it's finally back and they're bringing their freaky af multi sensory shipping containers along for the ride. What's in the container you ask? Think complete darkness packed with audio thrills and chills to send you into the darkest depths of your mind. It's all [...]

Saw, The Matrix, Stranger Things! Can You Crush Rush’s Escape Rooms?

Different, Entertainment, Teach Me, Wine & Dine

Do you want to play a game...   Listen up legends. There's plenty of escape rooms out there. But it ain't every day that you get to tackle some scenes you might be familiar with. And some that might have already scared the sh*t out of you on the big screen. Enter Rush Escape Game. [...]

Get Silly With Lots Of Chilli At The Herb & Chilli Fest!

Different, Entertainment, Teach Me, Wine & Dine

Netflix n' < Chilli...   Get fired up. Cos the Herb & Chilli Festival is back for Australia's hottest weekend from March 19-20 in Wandin. And it's packing an absolutely cracking line up of things to do with over 80+ stalls serving up mouth watering (n' firing) delights, beer, wine and healthy drinks, handicrafts and more. [...]

Channel Your Inner Karen For The Worst Dinner Ever!

Different, Entertainment, Wine & Dine

At least the food is good...    There's more than a couple of places going around where they just don't even remotely try to have decent customer service ey. We've all experienced it. They're just crap and you leave with a bad taste in your mouth. Well this new place also doesn't try, but we [...]

It’s Never Low Key When You Mix In A Bit Of Karaoke!

Entertainment, Wine & Dine

Have a swig and warm up those vocal cords...   For some, you'll be sh*tting yourself at the thought of this. And for others, you live for the limelight. But which ever way you swing, you just have to sing. Karaoke is a must. Especially when you've got a bar featuring big time South East [...]

NGV’s Friday Nights Has A Cracking Line Up This Winter!

Entertainment, Wine & Dine

After Dark the NGV takes on a new life and atmosphere that you'll be raving about.   Whether you're a fan of art and exhibitions or not, the NGV has a habit of absolutely nailing good times on a Friday night. The next round up on their famous NGV Friday Night's is the Picasso Century [...]

The Wine & Cheese Fest. How Gouda!?

Different, Entertainment, Teach Me, Wine & Dine

There aren't many better combos in life than this...   Wine & Cheese. The headline sells itself. I feel we could just wrap it up here and you'd still do it. But we're here to fill you in on the juicy little details and fun shenanigans that come with hitting up the Wine & Cheese [...]

Ditch the kicks and head to the Barefoot Cinema!

Entertainment, Wine & Dine

If you're not barefoot then you're overdressed!   Things usually feel better barefoot. Yep, there's the whole lego and hot coal thing. But you know where we are going with this. Balmy summer nights call for chilled out barefoot sessions under the stars. Oh and with a film to boot of course! Barefoot Cinema is [...]

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