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Make Sure You Have Some Spare Jocks For DARKFIELD’S Insane Shipping Containers!

Adrenaline, Different, Entertainment, Mind & Body

Creepy AF.     Get ready to absolutely sh*t yourself. Cos Darkfield, well it's finally back and they're bringing their freaky af multi sensory shipping containers along for the ride. What's in the container you ask? Think complete darkness packed with audio thrills and chills to send you into the darkest depths of your mind. It's all [...]

Less Yacking & More Kayaking!

Adventure, Mind & Body, Teach Me

Sit down and take a seat on the water for a new look at Melbs!    Kayaking isn't something you'd quickly associate with city life. But throw that thought out the window cos with Kayak Melbourne you can now lap up Melbs' CBD from a different angle. Kayak Melbourne specialises in (captain obvious incoming)...guided kayak tours! You'll [...]

Let The Good Times Roll Seaside at St Kilda!

Different, Mind & Body, Teach Me

They'll see ya rolling and definitely be hatin' with this fresh, vintage skate club!   It's time to let your inner wild-child run free. Aka skate with Melbourne's Rolla Bae Skate Club on St Kilda's foreshore. That's right, this baby is the first skate club in the world literally on a beach. Their peachy pink caravan serves [...]

Erskine Falls. An Epic Must DO Detour Down The Great Ocean Road!

Adventure, Mind & Body

We repeat, always go chasin' waterfalls!   How bloody good is it down the coast and the Great Ocean Road. Beautiful peeps wherever you look, mega beaches and a region packed with mega rainfalls. And one of the best has to be Erskine Falls, just a stones throw away from Lorne. A 15 min drive [...]

What’s SUP Beaches? Jump Onboard & Master This Balancing Act!

Adventure, Mind & Body, Teach Me

Get to grips with the world's fastest growing watersport. Sup!   It's safe to say that SUP is booming. That's Stand Up Paddle Boarding for you folks playing at home. So what's all the hype about? Basically it's a piece of piss to learn, relaxing AF, adventurous, yet safe and fun at the same time. [...]

The Big Bounce Is Bringing Us A Jumping Castle For Adults Too!

Different, Entertainment, Mind & Body

And it's the biggest one in the world. Good thanks!   How awks is it when you're at a kids bday party and you have to act cool. You know, not getting excited by that Jumping Castle that you just want to absolutely let loose on. But you can't of course, because you'll probably accidentally [...]

This One Will Be Easier If Your Name Is Forrest. Run A Marathon!

Different, Mind & Body

Start training yesterday, or today at the very latest!   Australia's largest marathon event, the Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival is always around the corner because you can never start training too early. And we want you to do it. But unless you're gifted with some epic genes, start working your ticker now because you need [...]

You can now learn ballet from home…so no one can judge!

Mind & Body, Teach Me

Make sure your Ballet game is on Pointe!   We've pushed you to get your ass down to The Australian Ballet School for classes before (take a look here). And with lockdown sadly still being in force, it's our job as Doers to let you know that the good news is you can still up [...]

Sweat it out with some colour and a bangin’ 80’s playlist!

Different, Mind & Body, Teach Me

Retro vibes to help get that summer rig ready...   Summer is coming. That means beach life where plenty bums and bi's will be on show. And what better way to shred the lockdown kegs and get yourself in shape than with Retrosweat's on demand and livestream workouts. Everyone remembers watching these on TV when we [...]

Think you’ve got what it takes to conquer the Spartan Race?

Adrenaline, Adventure, Mind & Body

Spartans eat burpees (and mud) for breakfast.   For those that find running just a little too boring, we have the challenge for you - it's the Spartan Race and it's coming back to Melbourne on the 4th-5th of December 2021 and Bright from Feb 11-13 2022 (thank f*ck it's finally here as lockdown had [...]

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