It’s Never Low Key When You Mix In A Bit Of Karaoke!

Have a swig and warm up those vocal cords…


For some, you’ll be sh*tting yourself at the thought of this. And for others, you live for the limelight. But which ever way you swing, you just have to sing. Karaoke is a must.

Especially when you’ve got a bar featuring big time South East Asian street food vibes, its own rooftop, plus private and open mic karaoke sessions. Enter Heroes Karaoke & Rooftop Bar!

She’s a bit of a secret and to find the three level establishment you’ll have to head through Nitro Lab on the ground floor and into the lift where your beats per minute will start to climb. Either with nerves or excitement depending on which type of cat you are as per the above!

Level one holds the private karaoke rooms catering up to 10 peeps each at $20 a head.

Level two is where you might want to head first though to get a little food (and booze) into the belly to tame those butterflies. Disco balls and Chinese New Year decorations are the name of the game here along with the grills firing up plenty of meats.

And then there’s the rooftop bar…again a good decision for pre or post singing.

Just remember, it’s ok to be sh*t at singing. That’s part of the fun of it. And if you’re good, don’t worry, that’s fun too. Just grab a crew and don’t be shy.

And if the liquid courage is working really well, they also have open mic sessions for you to let loose in front of a bigger crowd.

Stay in tune folks.

Photo Credit: Heroes Bar


From $ 20 / person


  • Private rooms for you and your mates to give Bohemian Rhapsody a belting.
  • South East Asian street eats and a rooftop bar to fight them butterflies.
  • Open mic sessions if you're feeling really brave!
Book now!

When & Where


188, Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia


friday 4:00 pm - 3:00 am

saturday 4:00 pm - 3:00 am

other days are closed

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