Shake n’ Bake with this DIY Home Pretzel Kit!

Get your pretzels in a knot, not your knickers… 


Here’s some inspo for your next lockdown bake off. Forget banana bread, forget sourdough. Enter Pretzels.

Those comforting carbs are delivered by the legends at Pretzel Australia through their Pretzel at Home Kit!

For just $40, you’ll be banging out 12 giant pretzels so yes, you might want to make sure you up your game to balance the scales. But this is just too good to pass up.

The kit comes with all the necessary instructions plus 2kg of pre mixed Pretzel flour and of course the hero of the doughy goodness…Pretzel salt. From there, let your imagination run wild. Because you can add any toppings you like and you’ll be able to lean on some ideas from Pretzel Australia’s crazy list of Savoury & Sweet toppings.

You could rock a Cheese & Pepperoni for lunch or dinner and then smash a Nutella, Cinnamon Glazed or Salted Caramel pretzel for dessert. All you need is to prep your own toppings so make sure you stock up. Just don’t forget to go for a run the next day ok?

Happy baking fam!

Photo Credit: Pretzel Australia


From $ 40 / person


  • The kit makes up to 12 giant you should be sorted for a day hey?
  • Let your imagination run wild by adding crazy combos of toppings!
  • Pump the tunes, have a drink, and dance your way through the bake off!
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