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Your Ticket to an exclusive Menu During Australian Cocktail Month

Is there an easier and better way to support local? We don’t think so!


This is a great chance to revisit a number of your favourites with new specialty menu, or simply explore Melbourne’s best bars and treat yo’self.

After throwing 2020 in the bin and starting a fresh in 2021, Melbourne bars are doing what they can to bounce back and what better way for us to support them than hold cocktail month!

In an attempt to lure us in (happily, here at doer), Australian Cocktail Month has created a pretty cool concept in our eyes. Basically you purchase a ticket for $20 that gives you access to a specially curated menu for the entire month – good thanks. You’ll also get access to special cocktails at $14.

Being the first ever Australian Cocktail Month they’ve partnered with the best of the best to showcase and champion our cocktail industry, so don’t worry you’re in very good hands, literally, shake shake.

Some of our favourites getting involved are The Everleigh, Gin Palace, new kid on the block Nick and Nora, as well as Eau De Vie plus more.

Australian Cocktail week runs for the month of May, so if you haven’t already starting planning your bar hopping.

Photo Credit: Australian Cocktail month

From $ 20 / person


  • Access to an exclusive cocktail menu
  • Support Melbourne's best bars after a Sh*t 2020
  • $14 cocktails when you flash your ticket
Mix me one!

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Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia


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other days are closed

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